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Huntington Beach Propane & Patio Rental is a horrible group. I had a large party planned and trusted their website and yelp reviews that they were honorable.

I was hesitant to give them my credit card information but they claimed the only way they did deliveries was if I paid upfront. I had a party at my home at 9PM and it was already 1:30PM so I provided my information.

They never delivered as promised and even though I stayed in constant contact with them, they never arrived.

Next, I was promised they would refund my money. It was never refunded and worse I was overcharged.

It turns out that my credit card company made me cancel my credit card because they had my information and continued to make charges on my card.

Jason Gagnon is the owner of the company.

Jason Gagnon is the scammer owner

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Ya, the guy has a Maserati and a $80,000 truck, I don't think he needs your $300 limit credit card. Good try though

to Anonymous #1041354

This guy is a doucebag..maybe he rips everybody off to pay for his douche mobiles..


What a joke..oh and good rebuttal ***...

to Anonymous Orange County, California, United States #1343666

I personally know the owner and he's amazing, Generous and kind to me

San Diego, California, United States #774899

This company ruined my bridal shower a few years back. Imagine no propane for the outdoor heaters when your bridal shower was held at the beach :sigh

Plus no food because they never arrived with the propane -- steer clear!

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